Snowball Target Practice (IND)

Another single digit workout tag earned today as my cell phone showed me 2°F (-17°C) before it froze and stopped working.  So we’ll just use that as the official temp for today’s workout.  But, #weatherproof doesn’t mean just working out in any weather, it means using the weather to your advantage!! A couple weeks ago, it was “Snowangle Leg Raises” (patent pending) and this week it was “Snowball Target Practice to choose your workout fate” (patent…secured).  We set up a target and each person threw a snowball at it and whichever you hit…you owed 20 reps of that exercise and 10 reps of the other two exercises.  Exercises were:

  • Hurpees – means Half Burpees (burpees without the pushup) but it was mostly for the fact that when somebody hit that target we can yell “You got hurpees!!!”
  • Pushup
  • V-Ups

At the end we did our own version of William Tell by having one brave soul hold the target while another person aimed and fired with the fate of the EVERYBODY’S burnout in their hands.  While Helena nailed the bullseye right in the center meaning only 10 burpees were owed for all in the 5:28am group, Blake hit the outer ring giving 6:15am a final 15 burpees to polish off before we could call it a day.


NP Indy turned 4 on Monday (January 15)!! We were one of the first #power10 and we couldn’t be prouder.  We are throwing ourselves a BDay Bash NEXT Wednesday so prepare yourselves and dress accordingly.

Friday’s workout will be on the circle for what will be our last workout Under the Lights (not sure when they take those things down but I’m sure it’s soon).  Meet at the North Meridian Spoke.

Next Thursday is Indianapolis Monthly’s “Best Of Indy Bash” where NP Indy will receive our official award for “Best Outdoor Workout of 2017”!!! We even have a booth! So 1) You should TOTALLY attend, tickets are available for purchase 2) we should have some tchotchke (did NOT know that’s how you spell that word) to give away.  And being that we are free and all we don’t want to buy anything so we will just tag old koozies.  So, if you have any old koozies lying around to donate to the cause please bring them to the workout on Friday or Saturday to….

Bop to the Top – details HERE.   We have a big group doing the Bop this year.  Come run with us or just hang out.  Post Bop breakfast likely happening.  Also happening is the Flat 12 Anniversary party which will be well attended by the NP folks as well.

Great job braving the cold this morning!! Bragging rights have been earned.

The Sun if Overrated,


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