Ski hills already? (YEG)

It was a crisp dark morning that quickly warmed-up and brightened-up as the tribe arrived at the ski hill. No toboggans needed…yet…


You know those dance circles that form at weddings where inevitably someone ends up doing the worm? Well this morning we had the NP version …a giant circle with tribies jumping in the middle and introducing themselves & calling out the challenge. We did a little of everything from sprinting up the ski hill (thanks Min & Chloe), bear crawls, frog leaps, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, hoisty-J’s, donkey kicks…in fact, 100 donkey kicks with each leg…ouch!

The fact that there were ice crystals on Cathleen’s gloves this morning is a clear indication that our summer is drawing to a close…lucky for the tribe November Project NEVER closes!! See y’all Wednesday at Commonwealth – be there before the sun! 5:57 AM

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