Hey I Just Met You… (SD)

And this is crazy, but here’s my number so text me an awkward selfie maybe?

Happy Labor Day tribe! According to Wikipedia, Labor Day is most commonly celebrated with parades and barbecues. But here in sunny San Diego, we know most of you celebrate by soaking up the everlasting sunshine, giggling to yourself when the tourists complain about having to go home to “fall” and then “winter”, and utilizing Monday off of work as an excuse to close down the Silver Fox on Sunday night.
We wanted to make sure you all ended this fabulous weekend by getting yourself some digits, and although you’ve all been trying to copy Eugene’s sweet dance moveswe weren’t sure you could make that happen on your own.
Enter the infamous telephone number workout this morning. You each got a random tribe members phone number, used that to guide your workout stations, and now should be crafting a witty/creepy/amusing text to send.
Consider that your Labor Day homework!
Be happy, be strong, be bright SD…see you WEDNESDAY!IMG_5070.JPG

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