shout it out with glee (ORL)

here at november project orlando, we like to think that our workouts are tough, that our community is tougher, and that no threat of #weatherproof can keep us from earning our wednesday mornings

for this week’s holiday hoedown, we held the annual #reindeergames, which involved a sprightly sprint across 12 stations (some strength-based, some just plain silly- i’m looking at you, #eggnogshot, and some running-focused. we can’t forget to highlight the opening ceremony which tested our wits and dexterity by attempting to unwrap (and unwrap and unwrap) a holiday gift while wearing oven mitts on our hands. thanks to my esteemed co-leader dyani for taking the time to wrap those boxes and giving us multiple reasons to get wacky on wednesday.

and for the main event, the teams didn’t let the slightly moist morning dampen their spirits as they collected letter cards and unscrambled them to solve the mystery puzzle. all that partner work, aided by some quick thinking, tested every muscle- including our brains- until one team finally came out victorious with an answer to the RED NOSED DEER clue: rudolph, of course! who doesn’t love a circuit of tree topping star jumps, candy cane push up/kick sit combos, and snowman stack-a-squats?

what better way to close out the games with a little musical burnout. showing each other what we do best, firing every fiber, flashing those doe-eyed smiles, and spreading that patented holiday cheer throughout the neighborhood.

so no matter how you celebrate this close of the year, remember to inject that same warm, fuzzy feeling that you get after an NP workout into the remaining days of 2018. be present, be grateful, and #makeitbetter. there’s still plenty of time to end on a high note- and we are looking forward to closing out the year with this team of #freefitness misfits!



  • Finish strong with your December burpee hw. Find out the daily requirements here.
  • You can also find who’s racing what-when and where at the above link.
  • Keep spreading the cheer and Have a Merry Christmas!
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