Sharks vs. Rastas (a war of pennies and racecars)

This morning was dumb, silly, nonsensical, and HARD. The wind was blowing making the middle teens feel like single digits. Still, a lively group of tribe members gather to shuffle, sit, bounce and yell before the warm up. The warm up took us to the top of Gold Metal Hill renamed “Penny Hill” for this morning’s workout. The workout was simple: everybody paired up and split off into 1’s and 2’s with the 1’s becoming the Rasta team and the 2’s becoming the Sharks team. Each team was given a penny-holder (beanie-style hat) that symbolized which team they were on. For the first part of the workout, teams started on opposite sides of the hill and ran up to the top where the pennies were, each individual on each team took 1 penny each time, and then brought it back down to their respectful penny-holder. Racecars were also at the top of the hill. If a team member grabbed a racecar and it made its way back down to the penny-holder, it counted as two pennies. Sweet math, right?

Once all of the pennies and racecars ran out at the top of the hill, members from opposing teams ran up and over the hill to the other teams penny-holder to steal, one penny at a time, that teams loot. Racecars could be stolen too, of course. The catch 22 was that once a penny/racecar was stolen from the other team, tribe members had to pay 3 burpees to the burpee bank of America (top of the hill). 30 minutes of these shenanigans, a quick burn out core and arms session, and we called it a great f*cking morning.

Phones were not operating well in the great Minnesota north this morning so a single snapshot is all the proof we have of this awesome and epic start to our Wednesday.


#DestinationFridays are still goin’! This week: Windom Park, look for the pin drop!

Farewell to tribe member Jack Mullaney! He is leaving us for the state of Utah to do great track and field operations-related things. Good luck Jack!

Several tribe members are competing in the Great American Birkebeiner this Saturday! Wish them luck!

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