I love you more than the snooze button (IND)

Indy Notes:

  • I love this fucking tribe. THE END

Hearts (and quads) were set en fuego today as #NP_IND celebrated Valentine’s Day and spread the love this morning.

The tribe ran a “heart formation” up the north stairs then lunged along the east side of the memorial.  Once on the south side, we ran up and touched the gold door, then burpee broad jumped along the west side of the memorial where it was back down the stairs to the landing.  Waiting on the landing was a “Valentine Station” where the tribe members would make Valentines out of construction paper and put them in the bucket.  Those waiting would hold a plank until it was there turn to craft a card.  After the Valentine, it was 10 decline push-ups and repeat the rotation.


The Valentine game was as STRONG as can be.  My favorite is the title of this blog post.  But all around, the messages were encouraging, funny, naughty, and just nailed the spirit of November Project.  This pretty much sums it up for all NPers across the earth.

IMG_5062 (1)

Happy Birthday Frank the Tank!  Race Day is next Wednesday.  Can’t wait to see you there!  Have a great week.

All the Love,

  • Shaw
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