Sept. Events

Great work today, tribe.

While you busted your hind ends for 45min today … some of you were a little afraid of water at the end of the workout. I’m not calling you out … but I’m also not ignoring this. It’s the weekend. Get wet. Details of how are up to you.

In lieu of being able to fully disseminate details of upcoming events for the month, here you go. We hope you’ll be able to join in all (or at least, most) of the following. It’s been a bad-ass summer of heat and training. Let’s have some fun and do cool social events this month. Maybe even see what people look like with clean faces, and combed hair. Give dry hugs.

First and foremost: join us for a special Labor Day workout (Monday, Sept. 5). This will be at North Ave Beach ( at 6:28a. Paddle boards will be involved. Prepare to get wet, sandy, and start your day-off from work in the best possible way.

With questions, reach out.


NP/TNF Open Mic Night

For submissions, email Kevin ( with your general outline of an idea.

TNF Endurance Challenge (ECS), 4.Moo (Saturday, Sept. 17)
Looking for an ECS team? Or a campsite the night before?

4.Moo after-party in Madison
Saturday night- 7p, Memorial Union Terrace (800 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706)

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