This morning we gathered in TD Place to bounce, run stairs and have a photo op.  It actually went a lot smoother than I imagined in my mind. Not to mention this year we went PROFESH (Thank you Rebecca Wareham Photography). Not that last year our editing queen Lauren didn’t do a fantastic job but we know the shit that were really good at and editing is not that shit. Now onto the really important part and there is no lying here we are going to break the internet. You read it here first.   Not kidding get ready FB, Insta and the far away land of twitter for a yearbook photo bomb drop. Now is the time to let all your distant and close friends of the interworld wide web know that November Project is the shit. It is not a once in a while event that occurs nor is it a run club(we do love run clubs though). This is a grassroots free fitness movement for you, your mother and her gaggle of friends plus her neighbours.  The workouts are intended to challenge and push you, make you work and work HARD. You show up knowing that other people will be there no matter what the temperature, location or weird clues we give you on Tuesday night. And you can expect to hug, high five and smile at more strangers before 7am than never before. So show some people what they’re missing out on at 6:29am, make them jealous of your new profile picture and out of it all introduce someone to the November Project Ottawa family.


Next week is the PERFECT opportunity to tell friends, potentially for someone who may be hesitant, not want to be the only newbie- have no fear, last year this was an epic workout with about 100 newbies. Make it happen Ottawa. We tell everyone about this, why don’t you?


Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz



  1. June 27th Canada Day workout 2.0 at the Supreme Court of Canada TELL EVERYONE. HYPE THIS UP
  2. Summer Solstice Run with MEC Ottawa 8pm meeting at the Westboro Beach 745 Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway
  3. Buffs are $5- talk to Liz and Lauren
  4. Stay tuned for a really amazing event early July. We said STAY TUNED. You will want to know about this.
  5. To track your progress, SIGN UP HERE!


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