Green Space (YEG)

This morning was a blast – from a springy lookout point that felt like a diving board during the bounce to creative bodyweight exercises on the metal art structures, you gave it your all, especially during the final push on the funicular stairs. I hope you found time at the top to take in the view of our incredibly green city! Check out all of that green space right in the core of our downtown. We are so lucky to have this amazing river valley to explore!

Over the last month or so I have been spending more time running off pavement in our river valley. While we are blessed with many kilometers of paved paths there are so many trails to be discovered within our city. I was reminded of this weeks ago when I hit the Whitemud Ravine trails. It was an escape from the city within the city. Down in the ravine, away from the city noises and enveloped by lush green forest, my trail shoes get dirty on the soft terrain, my lungs burn as I run/power-walk up hills, and my breath is taken away when I pause to soak in the views. Trail running is one of my sanctuaries and I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it until I came back to it. This morning I looked in awe from the top of the funicular stairs feeling so blessed that this is our backyard, our Edmonton playground.

Have you hit the trails yet? What are your favourite routes?

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium Gate 2
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill
    • Grassroot Gear Tagging – Bring 1 top, light or brightly coloured (we tag on the front in black paint) to the hill and you will leave with your own piece of grassroots gear.
    • If you are able to be a part of the tagging crew on Friday let us know, or #justshowup prepared to paint. We need at least a dozen people for the crew.

Important Dates

  • Yearbook Photos: June 27 – Theme is “OUT OF THIS WORLD”
  • Old 96er dates: July 4 and August 29

November Project Canada’s 5th Birthday Bash!

  • July 11 – If you’re able to contribute in some way to our carnival theme, please let us know!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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