Running Fiesta In Miri

18th March 2018 marked the 2nd Miri Marathon that organised by local Miri Marathon Association.  This is also one of the station for the Great Borneo Series (3 major marathon series in 3 different cities in Borneo island – next will be in May at Kota Kinabalu then in August at Kuching city).

In the tribe, not many of us are fans of running.  But because we workout as a tribe, hence we decided to participant this Miri Marathon as a tribe and show our town what November Project is all about.  Close to 60 of us signed up for the event.  The excitement got hived up into the next level in one of the morning breakfast session when everyone got “Jio” (mean Challenged) to upgrade their race distance to next level. Here is our own definition of the running categories.

  • 5 KM – We call it kids run, hence no participation from us
  • 10KM – Fun run, those who never take part in any running event took this challenge.
  • 21km – For those who want to run more distance and hope they get lucky and find a beer station instead of water station during the run.  Some of the initial 10km runner were lured to join this.  The strategy we shared was “pay extra RM10 and you got to run additional 11km and a free finishing shirt, why not?”
  • 42km – For those who want to experience more blisters in different part of their feet or perhaps more falling toe nails after events.  Your core is just too hard!! (hardcore)

Shout out to these bad assess

Shout out to those who have guts to signed up for a new distance in this Miri Marathon 2018.

  • 10KM first timr – Mdm Foo, Mdm Liew, Mdm Tiong, Lawrence, Vivien, Sammi, Wendy, Kendary, Davina, Blue.
  • 21km first timr – Robert, Ridley, Irene, Michael, Veronica, Lina, Perry, Ruth, Esther, Karen, Farourke & myself
  • 42km first timer – Chain, Kelly, Jill, Alison, Beatricetha, Teck.

Ran in group, ran further

Run solo, run faster.  Run in group, run further!! here are some snap shot during the event.  Photo credited to all tribe members, MMA and individual professional photographer as stated in the watermark of the pictures.

Yvonne & Su Chung
Mdm Tiong & Mdm Liew, first 10km
Kelly, Teck and Perry
Beer Station Explorer – Harry & Farourke
Blue and Davina – running towards ming… eh finish line
No eyes see – Audrey & Irene
Love Bird – Adrian & Sze Sze

42km Runners

Kelly – first 42km done!
Jennie – aiming PB for her 42km
Sexy Freddie – big transformation in him.. lose weight, eat clean and run hard!!
Chain – first 42km, ran in pain and completed.
Beatricetha – first 42km
Flying Alien

And more…

Yan Yan finished top 10 in 21km categories
Victor the “Janji”inspired runner.
Veronica – from hate running to complete a 21KM
Sammi – from zero exercise to 21km..
Robert the another machine
Kendary – first 10km
Mat the machine
Mat 2.0 – Completed 21km in pain but still continue…
Irene – Never run any event before, completed 21km
Co-Leader Ing 21km
Esther – 1st timer in 21km
Mdm Foo no quit finish strong in her 10km.. first ever!
Vivien, first 21km
From a weigh lifter to running at least 3 times a week at 5am in the morning–> the running beast Ridley.

And the cheerleaders squad..

Noise and lots noises, random high 5s and some motivation and encouragement words were pumped to all miri marathon participants at the last 1km mark.  No sure if they were really motivated or rather embarrassed by our loud cheers squad, some runner really pick up the run towards the finish run. Good job to the NovemberProjectMalaysia Cheers squads, despite the tiredness after the run, they still walk over to the last water station and gave the runner the last boost!


  1. NP Malaysia Social event – 21st April (SAT), venue -TBA
  2. Buff – No available anymore.  But if you really keen to get one, let me know so that I can steal it from someone during the workout.
  3. April is our care-taker challenge month.  To all, #justshowup #thisisyourtribe.  To care-taker, have fun!!



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