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This is pretty bold. We let the RunFam babysit for a few days and they’re really pushing the envelope (where did that saying come from?). First, they made all the kids do the work. Next, they bribed everyone with treats…. TWICE! And to top it all off, they didn’t even bother to send me a group photo today. Instead, they just sent over a picture of themselves. BOLD!

Sometimes in life you have those pivotal moments. You know the ones where everything changes, your eyes are open and you see you things in a different way. In those moments, sometimes fortunately and sometimes unfortunately we cannot “unsee” or “unfeel” things. 

This Wednesday and Friday when you still showed up (even when our leaders were away), we saw, with joy in our hearts, what community truly looks like and we don’t ever want to unsee this!

We saw two of our young NP members filled with excitement as they led the group in an inspiring GOOD MORNING! The values they’ve learned growing up in this community can’t just be learned in a classroom!

We saw high fives & hugs. We heard words of encouragement and kindness. We saw fun and hard work, two words that should be used more often in a sentence. All these things fill us with joy and gave us energy to take on the day.

We also saw, on a different level, how much our leaders do and give every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They show up FOR US without hesitation and without question. They show up with energy, with positivity and with love, no matter what is happening in their individual lives and for this we are internally grateful. 

The community of November project that has been built in Edmonton is strong, it is supportive and it is just all-around one of the best things we’ve been a part!

Everyone has their own pivotal moment of when you couldn’t “unsee” how amazing November Project is. So whatever brings you to November project and whatever it is that keeps you showing up, we RunFam thank you! Thank you, for being part of building a community that stands together and that shows people November Project is more than just a 6 AM workout, it’s a family.

We are, we are #RunFam

Monday’s workout is at The Promenade and since it is near some beds, we’ll be sure to keep the noise to a little hum.

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