November Project People Begins (BOS)

Hey there Boston. We’ve been doing this blog thing for a long time — since the start-ish of NP — and one of the ways we really want to use the blog for this amazing NP community, is to help you know each other better.

We realize that when you come to NP consistently, you start to get familiar with people. You might start to “know someone” because they always wear that particular hat, or bright jacket. And then you start to recognize faces, even when they wear different workout gear. Hopefully names get exchanged, and remembered along the way… but we also know how hard it is to get to know someone when you’re running next to them before diving into a set of burpees. We know that you can have conversations on the stairs, but we often also challenge you to keep moving and to do stuff that’s hard to do while also talking or learning about where someone is from, or what their story is.

So we’re instituting a new thing–called November Project People. It’s a way for NP members in Boston to get to know other NP members in Boston by first interviewing them–actually sitting down for a conversation. We’ve given folks some guidance about some questions to ask, but we also expect that there’s plenty of space for organic conversations and questions to happen. Then the interview gets shared by the interviewer in the form of a blog, and we publish this for the benefit of the rest of the NP_BOS community. You read the blog, and now you know a little more about that familiar face who seems nice enough, but you’ve never been able to exchange more than a smile, high five, hug, or “fuck yeah!” with.

The bottom line is: we are curious as hell about all of the incredible human beings who show up at NP Boston week after week, and this might be a good way for more of us to talk with more of us, and for more of our community to come to light. We aim to share the NPP interviews as a regular feature of the blog, so please keep reading it, in order to get a glimpse into who those amazing people are showing up with you and for you.

And whether you’re interviewing others, being interviewed by someone else, or simply a member of this community, let this serve as an invitation and an encouragement to find more moments to connect with and get to know the NP People around you. Talk to the person sitting next to you at a group photo…introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know just before the bounce (because you all get there early!)…after a partner workout, actually learn something about your partner besides how many burpees they did while you were running. Let’s make our community even stronger, more connected through the winter, and more powerful sources of motivation, accountability, and fun people in our lives.

Keep reading, and keep changing the world!


BIG BIG GIANT thanks to Louise and Ari, for leading the Friday hills workout this morning–did you know they’re mother and son? Their awesomeness is genetic. And additional thanks to Diana Hunt for her photographic genius and sharing it with our group this morning.

MONDAY WORKOUT will be held at 6:29am at the Steadman St. Playground of the Coolidge Corner School in Brookline. Right about HERE. it’s Brookline, so definitely be so so so so so so quiet (you know those noise violation laws in Brookline!). And also, please have all the fun you can because our rockstar NP member Dana Bogan has a Monday workout designed that you will absolutely never forget if you’re there, and it’s not because she’s doing 21 minutes of burpees. (She’s NOT doing 21 minutes of burpees). The workout will be interesting, fun, and I’m considering returning from Summit 7.0 early, just to be there. Have fun!

Order your BUFFS!!!

You have one more week to submit your order for NP buffs. They’re great, and yours for $5 each. You can order 4 of your own–HERE is the order form.

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