November Project People: Vera Fajtova (BOS)

This is the start of the regular feature on NP_BOS blog called November Project People (NPP). NP members interview other NP members, and we all get to know each other a bit better. #community

Interview with Vera Fajtova by Louise Domenitz

On of the best parts about interviewing Vera Fajtova, was the opportunity to finally ask her how to pronounce her last name! Turns out it’s “fightovah” – which is really quite fitting, considering her tenacity. Don’t mess with Vera, because it will be “fight ovah” before it even gets started! 

Seriously though, Vera is all about determination and drive and getting it done, whatever it is! She emigrated from occupied Czechoslovakia to the USA at 12 years old with her mother and brother. Her mother’s incredible drive and courage was a big influence and helped shape Vera’s approach to life; she says the immigrant mentality definitely continues to drive who she is and how/what she pursues in her life. No surprise, she was an avid skier during high school in NH and has always enjoyed sports and outdoor activities. She attended Harvard for undergrad and then Albert Einstein medical school. An accomplished, dedicated endocrinologist working at Harvard Vanguard in Kenmore Square, Vera lives in Sudbury with her husband Steve and their dog Otey, a tall skinny mutt who is a never-ending source of laughter. Vera has two children, Monika (28) and Martin (26), who are her greatest source of pride. Speaking of pride, just as Vera was given the NP positivity award a few years ago for the way she shines in our community, she was also honored by Harvard Vanguard with a special peer recognition award in 2014. Of course she didn’t tell me that, she’s not the type to toot her own horn, but a little search on the interwebs is always helpful.

On Monday, Wednesday & Friday, Vera interrupts her commute from Sudbury to Boston for fitness! Vera admits that, initially, NP was a convenient way to get in a great work out early enough to also get her to work on time, and she enjoyed and appreciated the variety of the workouts. But why does she really come to NP? Truth be told, it’s the amazing community!  Vera says it’s deeply inspiring to work out with such a wide range of people of all ages, sizes, fitness levels– from the fierce, badass types, to the people who are just eeking it out– all with great attitudes. It’s a very strong positive feedback loop that is super motivating. Most importantly, she loves that everyone gives and receives a lot of encouragement.

I asked Vera to share one thing people would probably find surprising about her and sure enough, she surprised me by divulging that she is not really a morning person! Despite consistently getting up for NP the past five years, her favorite thing is to sleep in on Saturday morning, work on the crossword puzzle, read the paper and watch the Great British Baking Show!  While her life is not a lot different since joining the NP community, she says it is better and she’s always glad when she just shows up!  So are we, Vera, so are we!


NEXT MONDAY: 11/25 at 6:29am the workout will be at the new-ish park in the Fenway area, right next to Trillium and Time Out Boston. Just look at the map right HERE!

BIG GIANT HUGE thanks to Dana Bogan for making this Monday a memorable one. We love the heart, creativity, and fun you bring to NP_BOS and we’re lucky to have you! AND, thanks to Steve Christensen for taking dope (Dooster!) photos and getting them all posted online. You’re both the best.

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