Road Trip à Montréal (from Ottawa)

Bon matin, YOWzers! In honour of la fête nationale, Saint-Jean-Baptiste day, nous avons préparé another exciting blog post avec la langue principale de la ville that hosted us ce matin : le franglais of course ! And félicitations à our very own AndréAndré for his retraite!! We hope you apprécié your retirement BOOM ce matin (photo evidence up top).

Merci à Montréal for a great tour de la ville ce morning. Espérons que nous can come visit en personne soon. Maybe even catch un game de hockey et cheer pour les canadiens ?? (If you buy the billets, we’ll bring la bière).

Whether à Montréal or in Ottawa, we are tellement excité to be ensemble again, to bounce together, to run together, faire des burpees together… so many choses to look forward to. You may have noticed that other NP villes sont déjà back in person, and we are très contents for them. We will continue à discuter what is best pour notre communauté and for our city. Risk is jamais absolute (except when playing the board game, where there is roughly a 100% chance that the jeu takes 72 hours of your vie and makes you completely lose touch with réalité). We know there is no one right way à faire, but we’d like to avoid as many of the wrong ways que possible.

That being said, there’s no increased risque (aside from crippling FOMO) to planning and rêver about how awesome our NP réunion will be. How do you envision it? String quartet or 5-piece orchestre as musique d’ambiance for the bounce? All you can eat bagels? Forgetting to actually faire de l’exercice because you’re so distracted catching up with all the beautiful personnes around vous? 

You peut-être have other questions or concerns… do we wear des masques? Do we need to be vaccinés? Do we spread out or go en petits groupes? Many of the réponses to these questions will be guided by Ottawa Public Health (and by Kettleman’s). As co-leaders, we are toujours en train de penser about what is safest, most inclusive, and fun for notre communauté. However, as omnipotent as we may feel des fois, we are only deux personnes (and 1 good chien), so we really want to hear from vous on what would make you feel plus ou moins confortable (burpees aside) at an in person workout.

Envoyez-nous a message on Facebook or Instagram, write in the comments ci-dessous, or mail a handwritten lettre to our downtown business centre (a.k.a. Kettleman’s). Or better yet, deliver cette lettre à notre business centre in person, pick up quelques bagels, and bring those bagels when you come SEE us this dimanche June 27th de 9h à 11h at Lansdowne for your Pride tag.

Félicitations on reading this. Nous sommes happy que vous soyez ici.

Semelle ya later,
Rebecca & Becca


1. Tagging THIS Sunday. Lansdowne Skate Park (ish). White shirts are not mandatory but the contrast of colours are most visible on a white background, so it is definitely recommended.

2. Pet a chien.

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