Rituals (YEG)

Jen’s gotta go to work!” I caught myself saying this to Buddy (my dog) this morning as I left for school. I didn’t get the same reaction from Buddy when I said this as I do when Nadim or Rob say it as we prepare for our group photo. Your chuckles, the banter, and the energy you returned is missed!

The group photo, “Jen’s gotta got to work“, along with the bounce, our “Good Morning…Y’all Good?“, the high 5s and hugs, sleepy smiles, the work, the final high 5 gauntlet, and birthday booms…I miss this part of my day. I feel that these rituals are all elements of our mornings that make November Project unique. They build our community and are a big reason of why I wake up for our community.

I’ve missed these rituals. Not only do they help connect and build our community, but they also become anchors for my day. Anchors that help me set the stage for how my day will move forward. I start my day with a full bucket, a positive outlook and an energy that I hope is contagious as I interact with others throughout my day.

I have found that I have needed to create some new rituals to fill the void of our November Project rituals. Intentional things that give me energy, bring in positivity, fill my bucket, and keep me motivated.

Sunrise runs, landscape photos, the “Jen selfie”, and an IG “Good morning” story are all new, regular activities that I’ve tried to incorporate into my day. These new rituals hold me accountable and have helped me start and frame my day in a positive way.

What new rituals have you created? I would love to hear about them…maybe I could steal a few of them too!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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