Why we keep writing (Ottawa)

Look at the strength here, it’s undeniable

This morning started with a campfire “roses and thorns” and we got to hear from some of the highs and lows of the last week or two. If you didn’t get a chance to share, perhaps it’s something you can reflect on. We can have a grateful spirit while still acknowledging some of the tougher feelings we are experiencing.

Sometimes when writing the blog, we wonder if there are important items that we are sharing, if anyone really reads them anyway, or if we are writing things out for ourselves? We didn’t get a lot of engagement in response to last week’s write in the comments to know who reads the blog and to remind everyone to sign the waiver, which will be a requirement for returning to in-person workouts. So if we took the response from that as evidence that nobody reads the blogs and it’s a waste of time, then we would take that as truth and stop writing them. However, I don’t think that even if nobody read the blog, that we would stop. Perhaps writing out words on the computer is just as much for us, to gather our thoughts, to share with you, to do what we can control in this time of uncertainty. And one of those things that we can control is our consistency in putting messages out. We have written one blog post every single week for the last 3.5 years. We haven’t missed one. But you deserve that consistency from us, the way you can rely on us to show up to the workouts, ready to go at 6:29am. You deserve the consistency that you know that no matter what the weather, the global climate, or a global pandemic, that we will show up for you. So yes, maybe this is just for us, but we know somewhere among the readers, somewhere along the way in the last 3.5 years of blogs, someone took something away that they could take into their day, to share positivity with others they interact with in their day, even if they have never showed up to a workout. And if not, we will still keep writing blogs, every single week. 

Is it hard for us to know what the right thing is right now? Yes. It is hard to find ways to engage with the community? Yes. Is it hard for a lot of people adjusting to some new normals? Yes. But we are not in this alone. 

Maybe there is something you keep tackling, picking away at and working toward, and you may wonder if it’s worth it. There was probably a reason you started it in the first place. So keep picking away, following through and being consistent, you know that’s one thing you have in your control. Things look different right now, but you can still be a light in every in-person, virtual, telephone interaction you “walk” into. 

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time, your energy with us. Here’s to bringing “soles together, 

Liz and Lauren


  1. Please sign the waiver HERE or you won’t be able to join any in-person workout
  2. Send a message of positivity to someone
  3. Have a great day
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11 Replies to “Why we keep writing (Ottawa)”

  1. I think I signed the waiver last week? I can’t remember.

    As a writer, I’ve learned sometimes you write for you audience, sometimes you write for yourself, and sometimes what you write finds a new audience in the future.

    Part of my learning about November Project came through reading a whole bunch of past blog posts back when I first started coming. Some were recent, some were old, but they all gave me a sense of the NP YOW community. Having that insight was great.

    1. So glad to hear that Dean, thanks for your perspective as a writer yourself, and what you learned from reading previous blog posts 🙂

  2. I still read about 90% of the blogs!
    Love you guys, and love your dependable consistency 🙂 Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Thanks for being such a warm, welcoming and important part of this community Rebecca! Thank you for all that YOU do!

  3. I love the blog! I’m with Rebecca on the 90%. But every time I do – I really appreciate it. And I will always regret not reading the one when you gave away free socks.
    Thanks for your consistency!

    I love our group picture this morning 🙂 It was definitely a morning to remember!

    1. ALEX! Glad you enjoy reading them and I’m sure we’ll have others where we give out some warm socks! A great morning to remember 🙂 even though were all connecting through a screen I still value the time we move together along with all the interesting background noises we get to hear.

  4. I love the blogs – they are another way to connect- especially in this new crazy word in which we find ourselves. Missing everyone so much but very appreciative of the chance to connect by word or Zoom. Thanks Liz and Lauren for all that you do – you truly are rockstars. xx

    1. So glad you feel connected through this channel, as we navigate some new ways of doing things. We appreciate getting to see you Wednesdays over zoom!

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