Riding This Weekend’s High Through The Week (SF)

I don’t know about you, but I have never been so damn exhausted on a Monday. It is a fatigue of my quads locking up with every step, my cheeks in actual pain from laughing, and my vocal cords being completely shot. This past weekend, starting with Friday hills and ending with Aquatic Park this morning, has been nothing short of incredible, and we have nothing left to say but ‘Thank You.’


From NY to Philly, DC to San Diego, tribe members and leaders made the long haul to San Francisco to finally meet each other in person, share a solid, sweaty hug, and dominate a little race called the North Face Endurance Championship. The SF tribe stepped up, as we knew you would, by offering your homes to strangers, inviting out of towners to your pasta parties, and showing off your city with pride. Community. This weekend you extended yourself beyond the definition of that word, and I applaud you.

And then there was the race. Which your leaders won. Um. Fuck yeah.

I hope the adrenaline you got from the screaming warm up Friday and the roar of the crowd on Saturday stays with you all week. And even though I cannot physically climb stairs right now, I cannot wipe this grin off my face. So, thank you.





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