Return Policy (YEG)

Guess I should have explained the return policy better for the NP Christmas Grab Bag…basically within all of the small print, the policy states…NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES! Even my own dad didn’t honour the policy when he turned in his group’s second lunge-walking bow! Guess his group thought they were excused from the rules since they had mom and dad Ference working out with them. My mom explained it by saying they were regifting! Guess Dayle regifted her group’s 15-burpee bow too 🙂 IMG_7768 Kudos to the tribe this morning for showing off your best burpees, channeling your inner monkey and penguin, warming up your vocal cords with plank Jingle Bells and jumping-jack Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and for completing the many other holiday gift exercises that your group pulled this morning. Nadim will be proud especially with your hips-in hugs!!

Wednesday, aka Christmas Eve, we will meet at the Royal Glenora Stairs. 6 AM…drop your verbals here! Dress with your Christmas spirit (looking forward to see what that means to each of you).

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