Reindeer Games

Things got Merry quickly this morning at November Project NOLA. Cameron and his elf, Will, got the bounce started with some reindeer runs, Santa squats, and Snowman hugs similar to those given to relatives that you only see once a year. The newbies might have thought that the snowman hugs were a bit strange but its all part of the holiday spirit that occurs each and every Wednesday with NP_NO. Just like the song the 12 Days of Christmas, Cameron had something special for each day and each day had to be repeated while counting down similar to the jingle.  Although nobody finished and got their full 12 days in, it was one hell of a workout. The push-ups, jump squats, lunges and stairs that were all contained in the first five days of Christmas will have some wobbling tribesmen tomorrow as they recover.
Today the positivity award was given to somebody extra special that has been a part of our tribe since the beginning. Deborah tried to sneak out of the work out early and Cameron had to do some Quick verbal judo to keep her there for the award.  Therefore there was no lollygagging or water breaks after the 12 days were wrapped up and we went straight into a picture and the award while tribe members were still huffing and puffing. Deborah has been very supportive in our mission to remain at the Superdome. She misses only when she must and makes sure we know her reason why she was not there. Her recruiting skills are great and she continues to bring new people to our workouts. Keep it up Deborah and we will see you next week

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