Dipping into the Gravy Boat

The snow lay crisp on the ground this morning, and as a few stray flakes filtered across the street lamps, November Project head out to warm up, flanked by christmas lights and paper lanters and the sound of carols.


November Project has become so massively popular, so influential in the world of Minneapolis running, that OTHER running groups come out to set up holiday-themed (winter-solstice themed, let’s say) decorations, install generators, and then run hill repeats with NP for the sole purpose of wishing us a happy holidays and giving us even more people to high-five, hug, and yell at.

The heart of November Project Minneapolis lies nestled below the Mill City Museum at the foot of ‘Mile High Hill,’ so named by Ian Bachman-Sanders on December 17, 2014.  If you head north, you climb beneath the mighty arches bridge up to the towering downtown of this fair city.  NPMSP lies in a valley.  A gravy boat, if you will.

This is basically what Minneapolis looks like downtown.
This is basically what Minneapolis looks like downtown.

The workout?  Run up the sides of the gravy boat, 1/2 way each side, then all the way each side.  Folks partnered up and went their separate ways, only to come back together to share a friendly set of burpees and Flying Dutchmen, our bread and butter up here in the cold north.  By the way, if you want to know how to do a Flying Dutchmen properly, check out Alex, aka “Stu.”  You’re supposed to yell each repeat, and that man makes some weird-ass noises.  Very proper.

Lumberjack?  Jess “nerves of steel” Johnson

Jessica does badass things all. the. time.
Jessica does badass things all. the. time.

Positivity? Melissa Sommers, a beacon of November Project MSP awesomeness.

Totally awesome, all the time.
Totally awesome, all the time.

Final thoughts from Ian:

So fuck yeah.  Fuck. Yeah.  Another glorious, dark, morning working hard as the sky slowly got lighter.  We are happy, hard people running our way through a glorious winter.  As I ran my last repeat today, I was thinking about New Year Resolutions.  We are a society of independent, goal-oriented people, and I think that the process of achieving something great is often lost in the push to get somewhere on your own through a grinding, hard path.  I have never been so fast, and I didn’t get here through miserable, teeth-gritting work alone.  I got here through a long string of joyful mornings spent with wonderful people.  I am where I am because I worked with other people, and every step of the way was glorious.  My resolution this year isn’t a goal, a time, or an object.  I intend to keep working with the help of others, and to keep the process joyful.  I encourage you to consider a similar intention this year- November Project is a collaboration that raises everyone involved.  It’s good shit.  Keep moving with us, and find out where we’ll push you.

See you next Wednesday!

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