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Today’s guest workout was designed and lead by two of our regular tribe members, Evan McCombs and yours truly, Daniel Leedy (aka: Facebookless Dan). This morning was all about getting to know your fellow tribe members!  The workout started with members finding a random partner and asking them a question from a prepared list (What’s your favorite search engine? Or Would you rather….) and then doing the corresponded bodyweight exercise to the question.  Then they ran up the War Memorial steps where they were met with a 40 yard dash, a deck of cards, tricep dips, and finished it off with piggy back rides across the top before the circuit started over again.  Along with the challenging workout, the tribe was met with some icy stairs this morning, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.  “If you concentrate on the ice, then you don’t even notice the wind!” noted our one and only DangerMan.  The length of the workout was adjusted for the lower coefficient of friction, and there were a few funny wipeouts (yours truly and our Fearless Leader included), but we were still able to keep the casualties at zero. #NPIndyMeltsIce. While tribe numbers were thin due to “cold” temperatures and those consumed by the dreaded fall semester finals #SmartAndFit, we had a lot of newbies this morning (~ 5).  With a weather prediction of 45⁰F for next week’s Christmas Eve workout and many of us on vacation, I see no reason why our numbers won’t increase!  Next week will be Ugly Sweater themed, so dig out the wool argyle and 3D Christmas trees to add as your top layer. Anyone who comes in a full Santa suit will receive a special prize; I’ll make sure of it! Code word, “Santa’s got a brand new bag”. Thanks to all who showed up this morning!  It was an awesome and successful workout by all.  The #NPFavorites are listed below for your enjoyment.  Stay classy #NPIndy.

  1. Movie                                     King Arthur, Anchorman, Turbo, Shooter
  2. Book                                       The Giver,
  3. Board Game                          Twister, Trivial Pursuit
  4. Music Genre                         EDM, Alternative
  5. Food                                       Steak, Pizza
  6. Band                                       Saints of Valory, Chet Faker
  7. Animal                                   Tiger, Cheetah, Dog, Serval
  8. Beer                                        Sun King, Vodka???
  9. Instrument                            Xylophone, Trumpet
  10. Place you’d like to visit       Spain, Singapore, Italy
  11. Place you’ve visited              Majorca Spain, Moab Utah
  12. Cookie                                     Chocolate Chip (2)
  13. Pie                                           Cherry, Pumpkin
  14. Holiday                                  July 4th, Birthdays
  15. Season
  16. Sport                                       Swimming, Baseball, Running, Soccer
  17. NFL Team                              Bears (2), Seahawks, Colts
  18. Dog Breed                              Terrier (2)
  19. Pizza Topping                        Sausage, Pepperoni
  20. Cocktail                                   Bourbon on the rocks, Vodka 360
  21. Color                                        Blue, Red
  22. TV show                                  Breaking Bad
  23. Clothing Store                       Banana Republic (2)
  24. Search Engine                       Google (4)
  25. PC or Mac                               Mac (2)
  26. Cell Phone Brand                  Iphone, Android
  27. Childhood Cartoon               Arthur, Looney Toons
  28. Car Make                                Acura,
  29. Gum                                         Orbit (2), Big League Chew
  30. Candy                                       Skittles, Laffy Taffy
  31. Restaurant                              Chipotle, Garden Table
  32. Fast Food                                Chick fil A, Taco Bell
  33. College                                     USC, Wisconsin
  34. Ice Cream                                Butter Pecan
  35. Hobby
  36. Role Model                             Oprah, Ellen, MJ, Archie Griffin
  37. Shoe Brand                             NB, Nike, Brooks, Converse
  38. Cheese                                     Gouda, Goat, Cheddar
  39. Silver or Gold
  40. Music Player                           Spotify, Pandora
  41. Political Party
  42. Font                                          Comic Sans, Courier New
  43. Web Browser                          Chrome (4)
  44. Seafood                                    Shrimp, Oysters
  45. Olympic Event
  46. Your home town                                                                                   Lafayette, Hastings
  47. How many Kilroy’s breadsticks have you eaten in your life?      869
  48.  A truck full of (BACON) or (PIZZA)                                                Bacon Pizza
  49. Dogs or Cats                                                                                           Dog
  50. your most memorable Christmas gift
  51. How many small (8”) pizzas could you eat in one day?                 6, 8
  52. What would your superpower be?
  53. Your karaoke go-to song
  54. Disney movie
  55. Swim with dolphins or run with bulls
  56. Watch a movie or read a book                                                           Movie
  57. BATMAN or SUPERMAN or IRONMAN                                        Batman
  58. Bungee jump or sky dive                                                                     Sky Dive(2)
  59. Beer or Wine                                                                                          Beer(2)
  60. Hang out with an alien or Samuel L. Jackson

Don’t forget to #JustShowUp to:

  • NPIndy Festivus. December 28th, 7pm, Ed and Jessie’s.
  • Bop To The Top. January 17th. Teams or Triple Step.

See you Wednesday! Indiana War Memorial 6:15am North Stairs

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