Christmas Cheer (YEG)

The bounce already brought us some spectacular sights earlier this week, but today, it brought us the sultry sounds of JDubs’ and SRod’s metallic blowy things (Soprano saxamaphone and trumpet). We just needed some Ron Burgundy and his jazz (pronounced ‘yazz’) flute to complete the Grassroots Trio. Yes, I have already given you guys a name. It is the hardest part when forming a musical group, but also, the most important. You’re welcome. Speaking of forming a musical group, next time, let’s bring a piano and have Janna join in on the fun. If you guys figure out how to get the piano there, I will make sure we get a really good picture set up. Cool?

“This is the latest show I have ever played.”

The life of a Jazz musician must be fascinating. Are there jazz after parties? What are those like? I can just picture all the ladies surrounding these two after one of their shows.  They are obviously talking about the size of these guys’ lungs. I wonder if the girls ever get to see their lungs. Do you think they compare the size of their lungs? This went downhill real fast.

I know you’re all thinking it, and I agree with you. That was easily the best playlist we have ever had.

See you Friday at Emily Murphy Park! Care to give a verbal or are you too scared?

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