Recovery Friday (BOS)

So we worked hard on Wednesday. The workout we created and offered for everyone to take on in the stadium was amazing and a little brutal. The reviews were incredibly positive… and everyone was sore. Which meant that we decided to make today’s workout, the “normal Friday hills” a bit of a recovery experience. We cancelled “front hills” altogether and had everyone run back hills + double cross country spice. Two hill sprints up the grassy slopes, to help loosen up and shake out that residual lactic acid from Wed and one short(er), less steep hill to keep the workload “light.”

It made for some quick loops up and down that back hill and some fun, competitive bursts up the cross-country hill, as well as some good community time at the end of the workout when there were only a few minutes left on the clock, but just enough time for ONE MORE CROSS COUNTRY HILL!

It’s a good reminder how important it is to both challenge ourselves — like we did on Wednesday — and to recover — like we did today. It’s good to get outside our comfort zone by stepping up the effort, or the speed, or both. And then it’s also necessary to let our bodies and minds adjust, recover, and adapt to that challenge. That rhythm creates the right conditions for growth. And that’s what we’re aiming for, rather than for over-training or conditions for creating injury.

Recovery isn’t a bad thing, it’s an essential thing.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. It’ll be a hot one, so stay hydrated. AND THEN SHOW UP ON MONDAY!

sunrise 6k on Monday july 22. 5:30 & 6:30am

location: RIGHT HERE at Castle Island in Southie. We will be racing, having fun, supporting each other, and seeing who can get the best sunrise/ocean photo for social media! SEE YOU THERE!

A crowd of people with arms raised up to crowd surf one man. The man is one of the co-founders of November Project and he has his arms raised up above his head and is smiling, wearing Brooks shoes.
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