Change (YEG)

change /CHānj/ verb. To make or become different.

It’s something we all deal with and it is something that in many situations we cannot control. How we react to it however is something we have within our control.

Weather changes, people change, the newest ‘it’ thing changes – the world doesn’t stop. Some change can be subjectively good or bad but being able to adapt to that change and to live with that change is a skill that few master. Take this as a reminder to accept change in your life but to take action as you need to. Acknowledge it but don’t let it stop you from reaching your goal or from keeping your calm.

This morning you chose to get up and I think that will change your life for the better. Maybe in big ways or maybe in just little ones.

Thank you for being a positive change to yourself and to those around you.


Keep being Awesome,


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