Guess who’s back? Back-packing again?

Boston’s back, tell your friends!

Seriously, a lot of things are back.  It’s these days when all you want to do is hit that snooze, call out of work and watch movies.  (I may currently be doing 2 out of those 3… don’t judge.) But no, a few hundred core-of-the-core members #justshowedup with weighted backpacks in neon rain gear. This includes a HUUUGE newbie meeting and some super OG members returning from hiatus.

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While this weather plain-and-simply sucks, it somehow makes for the most memorable NP days. There’s an energy among the tribe that is stronger than ever.  I’m not sure what it is, but I think that there’s some bond in the fact that we’ve fought every urge to stay inside in the dry, warm interiors of our abode to make it to one of the most intense workouts in the city.

I can’t help but get all hyped up seeing a few hundred colorful, neon people arriving to a dismal, grey backdrop of the stadium.  It’s proof that we can take control of whatever the city throws at us.  Look at this photo.  If you take out the people, the neon and the smiles, we lose the vibe.


(This beautiful raincolor captured by Jonathan Levitt)

Bringing verbals BACK: A lot of people broke verbals dropped Sunday night. YES it was #betterthanbedtime and YES we may have had a few drinks, but those are excuses and you know how we feel about excuses.  Verbals are serious.  C’MON!! If Bojan had slept in a few days during November 2011 and broke his commitment to the only other member of this group, who knows where we’d be today.  Just because the numbers are significantly bigger doesn’t mean that one person breaking a verbal goes unnoticed.  You’ve committed and are in the same breathe holding someone else accountable.  We are bringing back the #verbals.  If you break a verbal, watch your back because you’ll get some time on this baby!

The workout today was brutal.  We all got those #jellylegs today.  We strapped on some heavy backpacks and went after a full tour.  Doesn’t sound too hard right? Throw in a solid constant rainfall and some 40 degree temps and things get interesting.  I am proud of all you wet-assed, soggy-shoed, #jellylegged troops this morning.  You done well!



FRIDAY: PR day at the Hills!  We all set our goals last month, now let’s get after them and crush dem hills.  There may be PR pics, there may be PR rewards and and there will definitely be some fast racers.

BUFFS:  Super important.  “SIR newbie First Class SIR. WHAT’S A BUFF?!” (If you were there this morning this may have been the quote of the day.)   ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO ORDER IS HERE.

The vibe of this tribe is stronger than ever.  Is it Friday already?!

Have a great Hump-day and Veteran’s day!



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