100-10 on 11-11 (YYZ)

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little intimidated by this morning’s workout. 10 decks in 11 days courtesy of #DeckADay (I still need to double up once more to fully catch up) is taking its toll on my body, and I ate a huge chunk of cake last night at Claire’s birthday dinner. So I was worried.

And with good reason. 100-10 is FIERCE. Like a tiger. Or someone from Calgary if you suggest that Edmonton is a better city. But it’s also seriously fucking fun. Even in the middle of 70 mountain climbers people were smiling, laughing, joking. And that’s what this is all about for us. Making workouts fun as well as challenging. Making them something that people look forward to each week. Something that they tell their friends, their family, or even random people they meet at seminars about.


Plus, workouts like 100-10 get awesome reviews, so what’s not to love?

“Anytime you bring a paper to NP it always signals #imgunnabesoreasfucktomorrow”

“Walking to work hurts now so thanks a lot”

“Great session today! Tough exactly as I like!”

“My legs were twitching just standing up in my kitchen after lol”

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