Rain is my kryptonite

Since becoming a co-leader, it hasn’t been cold and rainy during an NP morning (yeah, I wasn’t there a couple weeks ago when y’all got rained on…. in Toronto that morning!).

I have been dreading this.

As I looked at the weather last night, I was a bit nervous.

Rain is my kryptonite of being #weatherproof. As a participant, I just stayed home those mornings. As a co-leader, I’d never do that.

Some of you know this. I live with rheumatoid arthritis and raynauld’s disease.

A bad combo for rainy, cold weather.

Much to my relief this morning, it didn’t rain on us.

I can control the issues I deal with in my hands (of not being able to use them for much once they get cold) when it’s freezing outside. Yeah, I’m the one wearing those battery-operated liners all winter (and Spring). I can keep my heads under control when it’s cold. But not when it’s cold AND rainy.

One thing that Sylvia and I quickly noted this morning is that it takes ALL of us to make this community awesome. It’s not just co-leaders or a single member who make NP great. It’s ALL of us (which is why together really is better!).

So, while I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to use my hands, or take the group photo this AM (Rob’s always got my back), I know that if I needed anything on a cold and rainy morning, I could ask any/all of you for help and it would be fine. I guess I should just trust in that.

Why? Because you are awesome.

So, if you see me with waterproof anything on my hands on a cold and rainy morning, know that I’m trying to keep my hands from seizing up. I’ll ask if I need any help.

Thanks for the awesome morning. Crushing stairs is always better when we huff and puff together.


  • Friday at 6am- see you at the bottom of Walterdale Hill.
  • The sunrise 6k is happening this holiday Monday! Yep, we’re back to the us(ual). If you have no idea what I mean, stay connected to us on social and come Friday- we’ll share more during announcements!
  • Yearbook photos are almost here! It’s all going down on this holiday Monday! The theme this year is the future is lit! Have fun with that one. 😉
  • NP Summit has been announced. If you’re in the dark, take a look here. We’ll start sharing more info shortly about not only Summit but also NP Canada being on the road in November! Let’s do this!
  • If you’re new to NP Canada or haven’t done so as yet, please sign the global waiver– here
  • If you’re coming to a workoutsign in here BEFORE you show up. In the event we need to contact you, we know who was at each workout. And seems pretty important now that this new variant is trending upwards.



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