Radio Station Invasion

x929 Aug 21


X92.9 did not know what hit them today.  With no warning, no tagging, we didn’t want them to know beforehand, until the very last second, I set it up on twitter ‘see you soon’.  That was it, we start showing up, one by one on the stairs, in front of their window.  First I don’t think they knew what to make of it.  Then because of a recent rant by one of them, they assumed we were cross fitters, until we bounced, and told them we weren’t cross fitters, by any means, they quickly saw our shirts and did a search on social media, BOOM!  They figured it out quick, for the entire hour they gave updates that we were still doing it, offered us pizza, and gave some mad shout outs!  Radio station invasion, was kinda cool.

To sum it up, this week was fucking epic….by saying #thisshitisgood is an understatement.  November project is so much more than high fives, hugs (although amazing, and such a bonus), and cheerleading, its a place, a person, and connection.  November Project unites everyone of every kind to come together, to sweat together, to hug a stranger who quickly becomes a friend.  A place of no judgement, and open to all humans.  I have had to privilege of watching humans evolve, grow, become stronger, and push themselves and each other to new limits.  Its changed me, helped me grow, and appreciate, and become a better version of myself.  So much gratitude for everyone that makes this what it is.

So, humans of all kinds all over the world.  If you haven’t tried it, but you’ve thought about, heard about, saw some #news about it…well, your excuses are void, and you have only two things to do #justshowup and #bekind.

Monday, we are back in Shaw Millennium Skate Park, for another epic week of possible surprises, maybe some visitors from some sort of cool dooster video, you wanna know who, you know what to do.   No go enjoy the weekend.

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