Random Post to Start Your Monday Right (BOS)

You know when you ride on a train, and there is that one dude in the back of the train that listens to music so loud that everyone within 20 feet of him can clearly hear what he’s listening even though he has headphones on? Well this Wednesday we’re encouraging everyone to be that dude. The last Wednesday of the month always brings us 37 section race for time a.k.a. PR DAY, spray painted tshirts a.k.a. #GrassrootsGear, and pump up jams by our very own Laura Ingalls a.k.a. DJ Phoenix. Unfortunately DJ Phoenix won’t be able to attend this week so we’re calling the tribe to bring over their own portable speakers, not headphones, and play their own beats. We’re asking you to channel the dude on the train attitude and bring the illest playlist that your music device can handle and play it for the world to hear. Let’s enjoy the glorious mishmash of Vivaldi clashing with Taylor Swift and Skrillex coming from a speaker attached to your belts. This could be the best thing we ever pushed for or it could be a complete disaster – either way you don’t want to miss it.


For those of us that ran through the cloud that’s been sitting over Boston for the last 24 hours, made it to Boston Common this morning all nice and damp. Dampness turned into a full on water saturation by the time we finished 12 minutes of side shuffles, distance burpees, carwheels, sideways crab walks, bunny hops, rock-paper-scissor squats, and sprints across the wet grass lawn. As the time ran out, I tried to find a square millimeter of dry cloth anywhere on my outfits, but then Deniz and Evan made sure that even if I did find one it will get soggy as the workout was topped off with everyone’s favorite 7 minutes of burpees. The run home was just as sticky so when I got home, all my clothes (including shoes) ended up right in the shower. Some of the more attentive readers will notice that despite many urges to drop a word that describes state of wetness and rhymes with hoist was not used in creation of this post due to allergic reaction it causes amongst certain population.

And now something completely different.


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