Racing Under Boston Brunch Runners to Bring Home The Bacon

If you thought that we were going to take screen shots off our not-so-smart-phone weather apps or car dashboards showing you how cold this morning was – you’re wrong. We don’t care about the cold, warm, or balmy weather… What we do care about is racing. Racing is important. We strongly believe that you should always be able to turn to anyone in your tribe and say, “what are YOU training for?” and get something good back. In few weeks we’re are racing as a team in the race that’s near and dear to our hearts and we’re racing under the name of Boston Brunch Runners or simply BBR. To tell you more about the race, we’ll pass on the pen to FJ or “Fighter Jet” for short. Ladies and Gents! Here’s FJ!


The Boston Brunch Runners are a sister tribe to November Project-Boston and was created to give people another opportunity to get out and get moving on the weekends. We make it a point to grab some grub together so you can get more than just a hug and a high five with other tribe members. BBR is also a way to get your race-on, and is a great place to find out about local races and find other people to race or train with. The upcoming Super Sunday 5 Race is a VERY special race for us, not just because it was our first race as a group, but also because we won LARGEST team and FASTEST team overall in 2013! Whether you’re already a BBR member or brand new to NP, sign up to the “Boston Brunch Runners / November Project” team and help us defend our titles – This race (and 21+ post party with tons of beers) is a blast and a great way to prove the value of the many early mornings that have made up your winter training!

So stop thinking if you should or should not partake in this 5 mile/5k race, SIGN UP TODAY, select Boston Brunch Runners/November Project as your team, and see what the hype is all about.

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