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November Project was founded by two dudes whose internal fires are stoked by the flames of competition and it’s a core part of this movement that’s creating a worldwide community of free fitness.  We #RaceEverything.  And on the Last Wednesday of the Month, we race the shit out of the good ol’ Avocado Stadium in Allston, MA (aka Harvard Stadium).  We race as fast as we can from section 37 to section 1.  We time ourselves.  We race ourselves.  Sometimes we race each other.  We race the fucking clock and however far we get, we know that we have done everything we could to get farther than last time, faster than last time…indicating that we are getting faster, stronger, and more fit.  Our commitment of early mornings, cold mornings, and dark mornings, pays off because our badassery grows.  People think we’re a little cray cray AND they consider joining the cult tribe because you seem so happy/awesome/healthy/fit/social/badass and they’d like a little more of that in their lives too.  Sometimes people are reluctant of the intensity.  They might be afraid of the competition, fearing they won’t measure up.  But it is our RESPONSIBILITY to help them see that competition is not about being better than others, or them being better than you.  We compete–we race our asses off–because it makes us better human beings for attempting the challenge.

The challenges always change, and when we’re in the race time after time, we’re capable of adapting to the changes and the challenges.  Today we raced 37 sections–excluding the few stairs below the stairwell entrances–so it’s different than a full-full tour.  Exactly 5 weeks from today, we will race the stadium again, with all 31 stairs in all 37 sections and we’ll see how we do.  Stick with it every Wednesday between now and then, and I guarantee you you’ll be better than you were today.  Money-back guarantee.

Please record your time or total sections, so you can prove you’re getting better.

There is a lot to be grateful for today, so here’s my list of things to get you started on a day of gratitude.

A beautiful sunrise, new #grassrootsgear, 37 run-able sections, PRs, the BG PR chain, DJ Phoenix, temperatures above freezing, celebrating birthdays, camel-toe Teenage Mutant-Ninja Turtle gloves, free hugs, free fitness, photographers who document us looking awesome while we workout, racing our asses off, doing the wave in the bleachers, being “pleasured” by said wave, sombreros, old friends, newbies, more hugs, lingering after the workout, COMMUNITY…and my personal highlight of gratitude today is my right nostril.  Highly under-documented, yet wildly useful in my life.  And if you want to be grateful for my right nostril today also, look on:


It looks to be the most direct pathway to my brain, which is visible if you zoom in far enough.  But enough about that.  More about  the gratitude for an amazing morning of racing. Gratitude for Grassroots tagging (THANK YOU #PaintCrew). Gratitude for killer tunes to power us up the stairs (THANK YOU #DJPhoenix aka Laura Ingalls).  And #Gratitude for unbelievable, positive #Community (THANK YOU for #JustShowingUp).

The Tribe is Strong.

We are changing the world.

630 group photo530 group photo

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