Pronto Squanto!

So…I don’t know who else fancies Shark Week, but I pretty much have been glued to my couch since Sunday. I mean it’s raw power! They’re sneaky! They’re fast! They can leap tall buildings…oh wait, no, that’s Ben Schwabe… but Sharks – They can instill fear into the eyes of cute little seal pups with no more than a toothy grin! They’re chomptastic!

Well my cute little seal pups, Sharks and Minnows made a great white comeback today – and there were no casualties! We prevailed, and may I say, there were some epic minnow maneuvers. But the fun really got going when our usual Tabata two…wait three… oh fuck it let’s do SIX-somes this week started! Your abs burned, your quads screamed and then your six-some tribe embarked on an Indian Run for the ages – pronto Squanto! If chasing the colors of the wind (see what I did there?) didn’t get ya, then at least we kept the best for last! Enter the Plank Hop Burpee. Yeah you heard me. We are still tossing around a name for this monster, openly taking suggestions – best one gets an ice-cream sandwich!

Speaking of ice-cream sandwiches, who’s ready for BetterThanBedtime?! The best things come in TWOs…and obviously TWO ice-cream sandwiches are better than one. So go tribe! Go find your other ice-cream sandwich half and get amped up for Sunday!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!

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