I Will Eat Pancakes and Waffles After I Workout…

That’s right! Who ate their pancakes and waffles covered in maple syrup like we promised?! No. Good choice. I had an omelet instead.

Today we did a little evolution revolution! If your legs we’re burning chances are you were doing it wrong. Our evolution of man work out started with the struggle up the steps to then inch worm like a little baby larvae trying to make himself a star in life to then full out sprint to the burpee station. Then to struggle up the stairs again to  become a little frog amphious dude, a la aqua man or the creature of the black lagoon. repeat sprint and burpees. To then finally be “one small step for man one giant leap for tribemembers” with walking lunges. Rinse and repeat.


Safe to say you all grooved to the top. You told your little legs to “Run Forest Run” for you realized life is a box of chocolates in the beauty that was todays workout. And what better way to cap off the workout with Ginger Roger and Fred Astaire moves by fluttering our legs in a v up hold to really get that burn in our core.

Forgive me for the movie references.

In other goodness our friend Haute Toddy received the long overdue positivity award. Represents well and has a killer flattitude !


BetterThanBedtime  aka you don’t want to miss out!!  This Sunday 2pm meet at  Plummer Park. Everyone is welcome! We will run a 5k to a secret destination to then partaaaaaay our faces off! The theme…They came in two’s. Dress to impress. Pair up, suit up, throw up. Cut the last part. We wont be working out or partying that hard!

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