PR Season (DCA)

The gloves are off. And so are the tights, and the hats, and the wool socks. So went the buffs, the puffy vests and the windbreakers.

Shorts are in. Spandex are in. Tanks are in. Tees are in. PRs are IN. The summer months are the months to PR. Why? Summer months are the time when everyone else in the city decides to start working out, decides to get beach ready, decides to wake up and work out. So why are these the months, the ones where we PR? Because we already made that decision. We made that decision the first time we decided to #justshowup. We’ve been doing this all winter. We’ve been running all spring. We’re ready to use the SUNSHINE, the fewer layers and the mass of friends and community next to us, in front of us, and behind us to push us to some brand spankin’ new PRs.

Then we’re ready to refuel with Cava! If today was your first PR day, you’ll have more chances to get your #CavaEarned. If it wasn’t your first time, but you didn’t PR. You will have more chances to get your #CavaEarned. We’ll Sunrise 6K it on the last Wednesday in June and then we’re back at Lincoln for PR day July and August.

Did you PR today? This could be the summer you PR twice. PR THREE TIMES?

Did you run 13 logs today? This could be the summer you run 17 logs…

Was today your first NP? This could be the summer the you become a part of the tribe. This could be the summer you #justshowup and then #justshowup again. And again. And again.

HOLY SHIT. If this was your first day and you ran 13, YOU COULD DO ALL THREE!

pr may 2

Regardless of all of that, this could be the summer that each one of us busts our butts a little harder than any summer before. It won’t be easy, but we’ll have friends next to us doing the same, just waiting for you to give them that little extra PUSH, extra SPRINT to the TOP, SPRINT to the END, extra workout (DOUBLE UP, ANYONE?), extra ANYthing to make them a faster them and you a faster you. FITTER, better, faster, stronger. (Not a misquote.)


The POSITIVITY Award went to one Miss Hailey Rowan this morning. She’s bright and sunshiny and if you stick around for awhile you will definitely hear her call your name and cheer you on. She works hard every damn day and pushes us all to be better, faster, kinder and more positive. HAILEY, you ROCK.

FRIDAY: Finish off BRIDGE MONTH with Yards Park, 6:30AM‪#‎EarnYourWeekend‬


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