NPSF So Intensely Competitive, Now A Spectator Sport

While you were all working your asses off to PR in this morning’s workout, your fans were enjoying their PBR’s and getting fog facials under their umbrella while their egg sandwiches burned. That’s right, folks, NPSF has grown so entertaining to watch, there are now fans who attend the workouts just to watch.

But, Laura, isn’t that just the “injury gang” that forms halfway through the workout because people are too lazy to finish, you say?*

Nay, good sir. These are cooler packing, sun screen wearing,  Aloha shirt donning, fans. And they are here to cheer you on, tell you how great your ass looks in those spandex, and give you inappropriate hugs. The saying “I’m just here for the hugs” has never been more true. They are, quite literally, only here for the hugs. They wake up at 5:05 AM on Wednesdays to fire up the jet boil and head to their favorite free workout. In all honesty, I believe we need to be cheering them on these days, because clearly things have bottomed out and they need NPSF to keep them going.

So keep showing up to Alta Plaza Wednesdays. The PBR fans need you.




*Not to be confused with the real injury gang, which is full of dedicated, temporarily sidelined, athletes who are working to get back out there. 😉

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