PR Day and June Field Trips

  • Trent was fast and more importantly, passed his pee test so he won the coveted Abe Lincoln hat that was a special gift from our tribe in Washington DC.
  • Everyone listened to teacher Jen and stayed right except to pass, this made stairs with lots of people at least 3X as fun.
  • We were all reminded that the upper bowl at Commonwealth is tough BUT… RG stairs still pack a mean bite.
  • The constable was pretty stoked to see us again and might have had a record number of high fives under a nice sunrise.
  • IMPORTANT NEWS about our upcoming month.  Everyone was so well behaved this year that we are taking you all on field trips this month.  Keep your social media game strong to keep tabs on locations throughout the month.
  • You are all pretty great! Good job pushing yourselves today and thanks for getting your ass out of bed to join the tribe!!
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