#allsummerSD: commitments and verbals (SD)

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity,
To seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment.
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

Just like Eminem in 8 Mile, you all have been presented with an opportunity. A chance to seize everything you’ve ever wanted. Fame, fortune, good looks, friends, the love of your life, a 6 pack, a rap career, and more.

Are you going to capture it? Or are you going to just let it slip away?

#allsummerSD is your chance. Commit to coming to every November Project SD workout that you are in San Diego for, from now until Labor Day. See how many of those things we listed above come to you. You never know what you will gain. But I can guarantee if you don’t go for this opportunity, then you are just letting those things slip away. It starts and ends with the commitment. November Project itself started with 2 guys committing to workout with each other early in the morning for just the month of November. That was in 2011. Look what that grew into: 19 cities, thousands of people, and growing.

The commitment is the key. That’s how you achieve bigger goals, like Miss Positivity Award Winning Donna and her marathon. And when you don’t commit, or worse – commit (or drop a #verbal) and don’t follow through – well you’re hurting more than just yourself, you’re hurting the tribe. Like Miss Danielle, who verballed to Kim and then didn’t show up this morning. Kim has some words for you, Danielle:

Danielle's Verbal

Dear Danielle,

I realize that you are new to November Project and so you may not have fully understood the depth of your commitment when you texted me yesterday that you would be at this morning’s workout but what kind of tribe member would I be if I did not help you understand the meaning of a verbal. When you texted me that you would definitely be there this morning you dropped a “verbal” and I who rarely verbals texted back that we would get our asses kicked together and made that commitment to show up no matter what because that is what a verbal is. Why do I rarely verbal? Its not because I don’t plan on being at the workout, its not because it is a morning time decision if I feel like it but it’s because when I do verbal I have wild and wacky dreams the night before the workout. So last night I set my alarm for 5:30 am and work up every two hours from crazy dreams of running in the jungles of South America only to find out this morning that I was going to get my ass kicked without you. So although I missed you this morning, I was not alone, the tribe was with me and thank you for texting me your verbal for next week. I am looking forward to even more strange dreams and another opportunity for us to get our asses kicked together.

Love, Kim (and the rest of November Project SD)



So make the commitment. For yourself. For your life. And for your tribe.

Be happy. Be strong. Be bright San Diego.












Can’t forget the announcements like I almost forgot about the cowbell today:

– Saturday: some of our very own members of Team RWB and NPSD are running for 12 hours straight. Yup, you heard me. It’s for a great cause. Please read about it here and feel free to support or donate in any way you can. We are proud of what they are doing!

– Sunday: good luck to everyone running the Rock N Roll Full and Half Marathons! Keep an eye out for the cheer station at Mile 10 (half)/23 (full) and give a fuck yeah to the lululemon girls!

– Monday: Kate Sessions Park triumphant return! We are tagging, so bring a shirt and a can of black, flat spray paint if you so desire.

– Everyday: continue to be the good in the world. Continue to smile bigger, laugh harder, and shine brighter than what some people think is necessary. They’ll come around eventually. 



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