Breaking News (NYC)

We weren’t just breaking news because CNN was on hand today–we’re always breaking news, breaking records, breaking barriers.  NP-NYC was out in full force. Going hard, going strong.  It was sticky out there, but we didn’t give a fuck. We got sweaty.

Welcome to The Bridge! Today was bridge day.  We did 35 mins of bridges broken up by burpees, mountain climbers, Coopers, and squats.

Breaking News: Myles is hardcore!

More Breaking News!!!!!!! Brian Hsia can smile and jump at the same time!


Even more breaking news!!!!! Bojan was in the house and crushed his first Bridge Day! And did a double!

My shades say, “#FuckYeah”

Fuck, there is even more breaking news!!!!! I high five like nobody’s business!

I’m high-fiving Jennifer who is a newbie.

Not breaking news! We’re Fucking Awesome!


Richard gunning it! And everyone else also gunning it!


Friday: Grand Army Plaza (Manhattan one) SE Corner of Central Park across the street from the Apple store. Meet by the fountain. Bring everyone.

Sunrise 6k – June 26th – 6:00am. Put it on your calendar. #raceeverything

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