Power & Perfection (DEN)

This morning on the stairs of the #Denver Capitol Building, a power packed workout was had by all. Fresh off our busy holiday travel schedules, the tribe reunited in full force to start the New Year on the right foot. No resolutions are needed here: just show up, work hard, and our determination to improve our health, enjoy our friendships, and build community will enable us to uphold our self-declared status of “fittest tribe of all the tribes” — if only there was a destination competition in which all 16 of our tribes could compete on a level playing field — think about that one, Mr.’s Corporate. #NP5280 still relishes on the fact that we get to train and play with minimal oxygen availability every single day. Not sure of the benefits of that? Just ask Lance Armstrong.

Anywho, the tribe took hold of the slick stairs for the “LZ” workout which included Perfect Pushups ™, Hearty Hoistees ™, and Manic Mountain Climbers ™, all mixed together with pulse pumping laps up and down the stairs of the historic Capitol Building.  The positivity Award was transferred via hug from the most photographed resident of Lander WY: Elizabeth, to our super enthusiastic NP diehard who finally is living in Denver: Riley.

Today was the first day of pledging for our 2015 NP Class of New Cities!!! Check out the tag #NP_Pledge to see which cities are in the mix, and pester your friends of those cities to join in the madness!!

Happy January,


FRIDAY: 530/615A Little Man Hill Repeats. Bring your bad ass. (3000 Tejon St, Denver)

HOMEWORK: It’s not often that we assign at November Project, but when we do, they’re usually assignments that you can stop thinking about. Due 1/31/15.

TRACK: Your super human abilities should be recorded here.

November project denver 530A
November project denver 530A
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