Shawty Back It Up (DCA)

1: #RiseAndShine (#JustShowUp)

2: #FreeFitness

3: #Safety

On account of number 2, we switched it up with 6:30 this morning; workout at the WWII Memorial sufficed to increase the heart rates of 100+ WEATHERPROOF folks this morning. 5:30 maintains it’s facade of being hardcore/badass/ain’t nobody’s business by completing their workout on the icy steps of Lincoln. It’s ok. We know they’re all softies, hugging each other and tickling chins.


Those of you missing out on all the fun, don’t worry. You can show up Friday and join in. We won’t judge you. In fact, we’ll welcome you with open arms and hips-in hugs. 6:27AM. Corner of 1st and H St. NW #JustShowUp

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s homework for the month of January. THIS IS A WORLDWIDE COMPETITION. 



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