Power Half Hour & Come Home Bobbie (IND)

Indy did the famed Power Half Hour today, and they did it right!  1 minute of each exercise, on each 5th minute sprint a large flight of stairs… all perfectly timed to minute long songs with a pavlovian ding at the transition.  Each ding left the tribe salivating for more beer… or was that sweating for more heart pounding workouts?




25 exercises, 5 big flights of stairs.

Fearless leader Bobbie was missed and we are looking forward to her return.

Bring your friends, next week!

Shout out to the newbies this week and our visiting tribe-member/new friend Dave from Minneapolis… or Madison, or Milwaukee?  Like a bag of M&M’s, too many M’s.  Now I’m confused.  Regardless, we’re glad you were here and hope to see you next week!

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