Mor’ Cowbell (PHL)

There is really only one solution to scorching early morning temps and oppressive humidity…MORE COWBELL.  Our partner fire drill workout started by continuously running the steps.  At the sound of the cowbell Tribespeople found a partner and did 10 partner push-ups or 10 leg throws.  This madness ensued for 45 minutes…At the conclusion of the workout and on their last stair climb, we asked members to hit their best dance move.  NOBODY disappointed.  We saw shuffles, worms, sprinklers, grocery shopping and stuff that probably can’t be shared on a family friendly site such as this.  The Tribe is creative. The Tribe is weird. The Tribe is alive.

Lou passed the Hard Hat to our resident resident Brett.  No seriously, Brett is a medical resident and NP regular.  Not only does Brett work hard at every workout but he is always looking out for our members health and well being.  Thank you Lou and Brett for making this a stronger, more vibrant community!

Friday we are at Franklin Field 6:25 AM!

TONIGHT: Center City SIPS NP Style at Field House 5-8 PM.  Hope to see you there!

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