Potatoe, Tabata, Leprechaun

Wisconsin Notes:

-Tabatas for breakfast

-Mull River Shuffle

-NP social event April 7th

Picture this…
Its fifty years ago on a small country farm.
Johnny McMasters Place
And its Friday Night
You’ve just finished ten hot days of back breakin labor
And the hay…the hay is finally in the barn.

Thank you to Papa D for the most excellent bounce this morning, he dug deep into his Irish heritage to perform a perfect prebounce monologue. If you weren’t there, I won’t explain it, you’ll have to #justshowup next week.

This morning we ran down the river trail all the way to the Ledge and stopped along the way for many an Irish tabata, such as Leprechaun Leaps and Dublin Dips. And we capped it off with a Mull River Shuffle. I for one know I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

We had a solid crew of nearly 70 people out this morning, and I want to thank everyone of you who keep showing up week after week. You are what makes this thing magic. Heading into the spring and summer months let’s keep recruiting, keep showing up and keep that warm, welcoming energy. We have stuck it out through a tough winter, let’s make this summer on for the record books – we deserve it!

April 7th we’re doing a social event, there will be running, there will be beverages, and there will be awards! We’re going to do a little awards thingy to shine some light on y’all for sticking it out through the long winter months. Please reach out to us with a person you’d like to nominate and what award you’d like them to get. For example, Most Likely to Sleep Through Their Alarm and Still Show up, Best Hugger, Best Bear Crawl. You tell us who did what and why they deserve to be celebrated! Accepting nominations from now until April 5th.

This morning Toby was the deserving recipient of the Positivity Award. In months past Toby was forced to rely on his flake of a brother Nick for a ride, so Toby went ahead and got old enough to get his drivers licence and he hasn’t missed a workout since. Toby is consistent, hard working, friendly and reps NP proudly to the next generation of youths. Toby you are the future, see you every Wednesday from now until forever. We’re glad that you are here.

Short and sweet. That’s it, that’s all. Leprechaun, Guinness, potatoe, shamrock, pot of gold, Mull River Shuffle, dar da dar dar dar.

Luck of the Irish to ya.

Megan Cora of the House Hunter, the First of Her Name, Mother of St Paddy’s Day, Kahleesi Of Leprechauns, Breaker Of Pots Of Gold and Mother of Green Beers

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