Positively Present (LAX)

Steve had talked to me about the idea of being positively present over this weekend on our drive back from San Francisco. Immediately I was intrigued and found that this would be the perfect conversation for Wednesday’s workout.


We’re given the perfect opportunity to practice being in the moment and looking at that moment as a time of privilege. Getting off work at 1:30 yesterday and thinking that I have to get up in the next three hours sounds less than attractive. Waking up I of course contemplated my decisions of waking up at the butt crack of dawn, but then thought about what I was doing. People have opened up their homes before the work out to cut down that hour commute from Northern LA County, I was about to see some of the most amazing people in this city and I had gotten a prime parking spot three hours before. On the drive over there was not one green light. Perfect. Driving up Highland Ave I saw one of our tribe members biking to the work out. Prime! This shit that I am doing is awesome and what could have been a miserable outlook for a limited sleep morning turned into a thankful and aware morning filled with some of the best cats in town.



Friday- Runyon Canyon- Fuller entrance. Park a few blocks down by Sunset and you’ll find parking.

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