Playoffs? (SF)

Guys. The NBA playoffs are here. Based on the show of hands this morning it looks like the only people excited about that are me, Ryan Scura, and Jacqui (newbie shoutout!). So naturally, I felt great joy in watching all of you crush (read: suffer) doing this NBA playoffs-themed workout. This 7-game series was tough!

Game 1: Stair sprint race

Game 2: 15 burpees

Game 3: Crab walk race (maybe the hardest thing in here)

Game 4: Hill race

Game 5: 30 mountain climbers

Game 6: 25 sergeant lunges

Game 7: Pushup staredown. Basically do alternating pushups until one person collapses.

All in all, I think we can all agree that what we really learned this morning is who we’ll be watching basketball with. Or maybe that was just me. Either way, you guys killed it today!

Friday: Civic Center Workout with Back On My Feet! 5:45 at Turk and Larkin to run with BOMF. 6:30 at Civic Center to do the NP x BOMF workout.

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