We Bring Success out of this mess (IND)

The buzz and energy were at a high this morning as NP Indy wanted to show the world just exactly how we do!  With ESPN filming the workout as part of a documentary on Andrew, we tried to hide the pain in our faces and keep them camera ready as we partook in the infamous “Hot Mess”.  Exercises were burpees, “stir the pot” sit-ups, and hand release push-ups with a superman while a partner completed three “laps” of touching the south side gold door and coming back down.  And because we were burning up those stairs, we had a few “fire drills” which consisted of a 30 second plank hold.

WE are November Project Indy:

I mentioned this at the end of the workouts, but it is worth reiterating.  With ESPN filming this week’s workout and PBS here last week, Andrew’s star is shining brighter than ever.  I will let the professional story tellers relay the entire story of Andrew and his path to where he is today because I would not be able to do it justice.  One thing I will say, however, is that his story is so remarkable and inspiring because it shows the strength of the human spirit. We are able to overcome obstacles that we never thought were possible, and accomplish goals that, at one point, seemed like pipe dreams. But, in order to do this, you must do two things – 1) set those goals and face those obstacles, and 2) don’t think that this needs to be done alone.

November Project, to its core, is a community.  Each and every person who chooses to #justshowup is a part of this team that will do anything it can to help raise that person up. We take such pride in the accomplishments and success that each member of this tribe achieves, and we exist to help you get there.  Each person has a different goal, but another thing that makes the November Project so great is the diversity of backgrounds and talents that we have in our team. Whether it’s to run a distance you’ve never attempted, beat a personal record, or enter a challenge or race that you’ve always wanted to try, the key is to allow your team to help you get there.  Let us join you in your effort and celebrate with you when you crush it!!  We have so many avenues of communication from our community facebook page, group me, text message, DMs….REACH OUT!! Let us know what your next goal is and we will be there to help you achieve it. Don’t have a goal?  MAKE ONE.  Fitness related or otherwise, it may seem daunting, but it will be worth it in the end.

Andrew has been a great example of somebody that has been a part of our community for some time and we have taken such pride in his achievements.  We are so proud to have Andrew as part of our team, just as I know that Andrew is so proud to be a part of it.  We awarded him the Positivity Award today because of the energy and excitement that he brings to our workouts and our community. But, we also awarded it to him because he is a reminder that we all need to set goals for ourselves. So do it! And let us know what it is…because we will get you achieve it.  And once you do achieve it, we will be there first to give you a hug when you cross the finish line!


Friday’s workout will be at The Tent on the south side of the Canal Walk.

Sunday – CaseDawg and I will be leading plogging run for Yelp where we will be announcing the November Project Plogging Series in partnership with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.  Stay tuned for details on the series, but join us for a nice kickoff on Sunday!

Next Wednesday is #raceday and we will be tagging (weather permitting) so bring your gear and get is #grassrooted.  Especially if you’re running the Mini Marathon!

DaDaDa DaDaDa,

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