Plane, Train, Automobile, YOUR STEMS (DCA)

Some of you know that I recently bought myself a bike. Some of you know that when you asked me what kind of bike I’d finally bought I said, “a fuchsia one.” Some of you know that after and under-whelming response to my idea of naming a new Monday hill workout Rory Gilmore, I named my bike Rory Gilmore. Some of you are wondering what the point of this blog is.

I am not a biker. I practically had to re-teach myself to how to ride. I call biking, biking and probably won’t ever call it cycling. It still takes me approximately 4 minutes to lock my bike. I usually refer to locking up my bike like, “I parked her by the Swedish Embassy.” THE POINT IS, twofold. #1 I have recently become a part-time bike commuter. And #2 it was a challenge to myself to get out of my Prius and get around my city in a new (to me) way, in a healthier way, in a “tricked you into getting a little more exercise without thinking about it” way and, let’s go with a #3: I have to say it’s pretty damn great.

This is a nice story about YOU, Kaelan. But what about me?

I’m not telling you to buy a bike. (Although I will say, my car took me years to pay off and my bike was a blip at a flea market.) But I am telling you to find a new way to challenge yourself AND telling you that whatever the challenge you’re setting is, you don’t have to be even close to an expert to begin. I’M ALSO TELLING you (getting reealll bossy this morning), that transportation is an easy place to start. Can you find one place in your week where instead of driving or metro-ing you use those beautiful stems you have?



I have zero clue what your schedule is like, BUT, could you walk home from work on a Friday, because it’s been a tough week and that fresh air will help you decompress? Could you walk to work because the mornings are getting cooler and you won’t be a sweaty mess when you get to your office? Could you get off one metro station early because dammit you work in DC and live in Virginia and these don’t seem like viable options to you? Could you bike? Could you blade? Could you finally get around to just buying the yearly pass for Capital Bike Share since you’ve already given them a year’s worth of money in single rides? Could you walk from one bar to the next tonight because Uber-ing 7 blocks at a peak hour is wearing a hole in your pocket? Could you, for the first time, RUN to Wednesday, because the Pope is REALLY going to mess with your parking situation anyway and so what if you’re late for work, the entire city will be late for work that day?

Get someone to do it with you. Do it alone. Just do it, already. You’ve probably been thinking about it…

WILD LOVE. (From me AND Rory.)

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