I just got a text from my best friend that she’s going into labor.  Today.  Right fucking now.  It’s kind of a big deal.  It’s big for her, for that little boy who in a few moments will officially be BORN into the outside world, and for everyone who knows & loves them. We’ll remember today because it’s his birthday.

We celebrated birthdays for the tribe members who actually have a birthday today, by surfing them up on top of the tribe and having their photos taken while we BOOMed them.

And we celebrated Bojan’s birthday, which was actually yesterday, and which he actually doesn’t really celebrate, and which he sorta keeps on the down low, because it’s not a big deal (according to him).  We tipped our birthday hats to him by doing BOJANs as a pre-hill warm up.

It’s also my dad’s birthday today.  You can see why I titled this blog “Birthday.”

here’s the thing about birthdays

every day is our birthday.  It’s a day we’re alive and it’s worth living each one like it’s our birthday.  That guy, way back when, who thought up “birthday’s” as something to celebrate each year on the anniversary of the day we popped out of our mama’s womb (or vagina hole, as Bojan calls it) was on to something.  Wait, who am I kidding, it was probably a woman who thought it up… But anywho, having this one day we focus on to appreciate being alive, and to honor the time in our lives that has passed, and to eat cake or sing, or do cool things that make us pay attention–well all that is cool.  But why not every day?

Why not be like this about having a day to live:

shira happy

Yeah, let’s fucking celebrate today because we got our asses out of bed.  We did Bojans, we ran hills with cross country spice, we hugged, we sweat(a lot), and we’re going to have a great day.  Don’t forget to track your hill repeats this morning.

And if you thought this week was pretty good, you don’t even know what’s going to happen next week. WELCOME TO…


Here’s the run down.

MONDAY: we SUMMIT the city by meeting at Bunker fucking Hill*.  No NP workout has ever been done there.  Be there for the first time.  Verbal your ass now and get the exact location.

*The Historical site is actually called Bunker Hill Monument, and we apologize if “Bunker fucking Hill” is offensive to anyone or shows disrespect to the people who the monument honors.  Or, no…we’re not sorry at all.  If you’re offended, maybe get the fuck over it.”

WEDNESDAY: Harvard Stadium Summit workout.  You think you know what it is.  You don’t know what it is.  But you’ll summit.  Hard.

FRIDAY: Summit Ave. hills.  Many dedicated tribers will be here in Boston Friday morning having a Summit Avenue Summit, while a bunch of us from the NP_BOS tribe will be bouncing at the pop-up workout in Salt Lake City with hundreds of other NP tribers from all 24 NP tribes.  Friday will be the #NPSummit 3.0 with BG & co-leaders from all the NP tribes, to bring us that much closer to #worldtakeover.  Bojan may or may not be celebrating the BIRTHday of his little girl.  So will Bojan #JustShowUp to Summit?  Yes.  Either the Summit in Utah, or the Summit on Summit Ave.  Or possibly, the summit of his baby girl’s head from his wife’s vagina hole*.

*The above referenced vagina hole belongs to Emilie, and my friend, I’m sorry to publicly talk about it.  But you have it, and you’re amazing.  Take care of that hole and we can’t wait to meet Baby girl Mandaric. #Birthday”

This shit is so very very good people.  Go have a birthday all weekend, because damn, #WeekendEarned.  And keep changing the world!


bday photo

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