Philadelphia…Welcome to the Century Club (PHL)

This morning’s workout was LARGE.  We are talking 100 bodies large.  That’s right – November Project Philadelphia popped their 100-members-at-one-workout cherry…and it was glorious.  It was sweaty, there were hugs and elbow touching, members of the Boston and New York Tribes joined and it was basically one hardworking, fun loving, party.

After doing our suicides, we counted members off by 6 (gym-class-style) broke off into groups where each of the 6 groups (made up of roughly 18 people each) relay raced.  One team member raced up the steps to touch the front door of the Art Museum while their fellow members did one of the following workouts: Plank, Sit-Ups, Lunges, V-Sits, Push-Ups, Leg Throws, Wall Sits, Mountain Climbers.  When the running member got back the group would cycle to the next workout on the list, while another team member ran to the front door. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT until all members ran.  We finished the workout with a very, VERY long cheer tunnel.  We are talking 100 some people large cheer tunnel.  A lot of smiles were seen, hugs exchanged and community built.  We are fortunate and grateful that all of you choose to spend your Wednesday mornings with us…and we are a better and stronger Tribe for it.

The more beautiful thing about reaching 100 people on this particular day was that we were a sea of gray.  Our members wore gray for brain cancer awareness.  Ashleigh, one of our fearless Tribe leaders at November Project San Diego recently lost her Mother to brain cancer, and as Tribe — as a 17 city Tribe of positivity, good vibes and community, we wanted in our own small way, to show that we are with Ashleigh and her family.  We are sending love, positivity and good vibes to you and yours!

Rodney carried the Hard Hat with pride this week.  While I was not witness to it, I understand in this weekend’s West Philly Runners Relay he raced for several teams.  Rodney’s positivity is infectious (as is his canine’s who is an NP regular as well).  Rodney passed the Hat to Drew.  Drew has been with us since our brisk February workouts.  The dude is NP to the core.  He excels in strong (sweaty) hugs, keeping his VERBALS, bleeding positivity and being a social connector. THE. TRIBE. IS. STRONG.

Hard Hat 5-21

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