Pairs on Stairs Part Deux (PHL)

When Mother Nature gives you that first, oh so comfortably warm Wednesday morning of the year…you wake up, grab life by the balls and meet November Project Philadelphia on the Art Museum Steps.  This morning, Mother Nature was kind in throwing us a bone of sorts – and in typical fashion we took that bone and had a lot of fun.  Now that I am sufficiently lost in my metaphorical web of grabbing balls and throwing bones, I will stop to explain precisely what went down at the PMA (Philadelphia Museum of Art) this morning…

We started our beautifully warm morning with 10 minutes on the clock and hit as many stairs as possible.  We moved our workout to the top deck where we paired off and did 50 reps of the following workouts: partner push-ups, leg throws, partner leg press (super awkward/intimate/awesome, see photos for better understanding) and burpees.  We finished the workout with another 10 minutes on the stairs.

We saw old faces, we saw new faces, we hugged, we cheered and we quietly mocked the for-profit boot camp next to us.  Just kidding, we didn’t mock them, but their group did look like the kids that weren’t allowed outside for recess — gazing at us with that “I can’t believe I paid for this shit…your workout is free, harder AND you’re having A LOT more fun” type of look.  We all know that look.

Suzanne passed the Hard Hat to Amanda today.  To call Amanda an NP regular would be an understatement.  Amanda not only attends every workout but she recruits everyone, works out hard and brings a super positive attitude.  If you browse our workout pictures, we can assure you Amanda will ALWAYS be present and smiling.  Congratulations Amanda!

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces next Wednesday — have a great week! BOOM.

Amanda Hard Hat

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